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#381852 - Nah, its OK! Lets go somewhere warm! Whe- The cinema ? 'Holy Shit. Well anyway i spent the next year and a bit just keeping our friendship minimal, anyway i wanted to be out and enjoy friends company, especially Mike's, oh god, i loved Mike, we met so early on at high school, and grew closer and closer, some even said we would make a really cute couple, looking back we did, I was bi, i knew that very early on but Mike wasn't, he knew my sexuality but didn't mind. Hey, I'm Alex then! Thanks, i try to be a cute emo chick! You try and succed my freind, may i say thanks fot that hug! And she did, wearing a tight pair of jeans, and a cute spotty emo shirt, in which her tits bursting out of, not to mention a pair of converses i had never seen before.

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Lamia loveless
Great one
Yayoi kunizuka
Good movie
Armin arlert
Worst camera man ever