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#411182 - The ride across town was so silent that you could have heard a pin drop. Erin elevated ‘Royalty’, laying her back, perching her bottom onto of her face, eating her round ass and succulent pussy, while ‘Royalty’ gripped the headboard crying out “Yesss, Yesss!!!” Being careful not to let her reach her climax, Erin laid her down again taking two of her long fingers and sticking them deep into her tight love-hole, moving them in and out making sure to hit her g-spot. The next morning, while cooking pancakes, Berri grinning from ear to ear inquired “Erin, honey did you have company last night?” almost making Erin spit out her orange juice.

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Ryo saeba
Oh how you keep those balls drained
Cham cham
Love to let this little gal have her way with me
Lev haiba
Amazing blowjob
Shinji matou
Nice i like ass hole