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#410864 - 30pm and in walks Lauren,Allie says can we both have a word in a bit,sure says Lauren let me just get my pjs on im so tired. Thinking of all this while sat with my wife Allie,she got on some horrible game show,i sit staring at the screen now quite turned on,thinking about Lauren,she was quite short,standing around 5 foot 4 inches,she had long brown hair but prefered to tie it up into a ponytail at the back,her legs are a bit thick,but quite long for how tall she is,the most peachy ass ever,but her best features has to be her big boobs,after asking my wife will Lauren stop growing up top,she laughed and says shes 18 so maybe few more years growing,shes a 40 f as it is now,so knowing this you can say was Lauren`s boobs i fought about. She sat turning abit towards me,then grabs my cock and slowly wanks me off in long strokes making sure she strokes the whole lengh of my cock in slow strokes at first,i move my hands now to going under Lauren`s t-shirt as my hands slowly move upward

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Naruko anjou
I been looking for some of these scenes thanks for sharing
Mio isurugi
Wanna get fuck an sucked like that
Love this hentai
Monica adenauer
Looks like the girl from blue bloods sami gayle
Ryoko hakubi
Loved it that pussy looked absolutely delicious
Shizuku oikawa
Love to fuck her now lol