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#41949 - Maybe we should have stayed a while and suggested a foursome? you tease, Oh sure, did you see the way she looked at me? I respond I think she was embarrassed to have interupted us, I don't think she was interested in a foursome!!! We arrive back at the lodge a couple hours later, we have been sipping the liquer and are pleasantly tipsy! We get back to the room and shower off the sticky remnants of our afternoon delight! We dry each other off, taking care to be thorough! We dress in casual clothes, jeans for both of us.

Read Best Blowjobs Ever Tricked by Mama Zorra Tricked by Mama

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Hayase nagatoro
Who is she
Oh yea more of the hot silky liek chocalate skinned girl what a gorgeous face and bod
Takane shishidou
I would lick up every last drop of that fat pussy yum
Ekuryua naurh
Love to watch her be trained thanks for the cream pie