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#134235 - My blouse was barely keeping together on our walk home after being ripped open and now retied , but I didn’t care. Faith on the other hand had different ideas, and stepped between the bullies and the nerd “ Hey guys, leave Beeder alone, he can’t help it that he’s only built for livestock”, she smiled but I could tell she was doing it for show The guys laughed at that and wandered off, Faith walked over and kissed Beeder quickly on the cheek and he flushed from near emberrasment “ Th-th-thanks Faith,” Beeder sheepishly stuttered and looked away “Anytime Rick,” Faith said, “ tell you what, my friend Charity and me will come make up for those bullies at the usual place after school…4 o’clock sound good” Beeder turned flushed completely red nodded, grabbed his books and trotted down the hall. “With our names we should be nuns”, Faith Joked ? She was right.

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