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#72424 - and Maryellen told them all she'd been riding horses with her!! Maryellen helped her up the stairs and took her to a room that was a guest room and laid her on the bed and Irene fell asleep right then and there having been for the first time in her life, fucked completely out! This left Thedford to deal with what he'd seen and how his white wife had fully participated and took all that black dick as far as it could go and came all over it pleasured as he'd never seen her before!! How would he face her? Could he ever look at her the same again? Could he continue to luv her? Could he ever trust her alone again? Now little Stephanie and Maryanne it was a whole other ballgame with those girls!! They had to go down to that damn creek with Isabell and get in that water and clean all their masturbation juices from their damn shorts as all three girls were in total dismay how their mom took that huge black dick!! Now Isabell on the other hand was

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