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#374316 - touching myself lol Dominatus: Good girl, put the finger from your pussy in your mouth and tell me how you taste Gross! Was Megan’s first though, but then decided she would go along with it, so far this had all been a lot of fun. Well I’m Dominatus and if you give me a chance I will give you something longer lasting than a 2 minute thrill you have gotten so far on this site Megan sat for a few minutes thinking that it was a strange introductory message to get but not the worse she had received by a long shot, she was intrigued and decided to answer him: IvoryGurlM: Hello Dominatus, your quite right I am very bored and just thinking about logging off, so better make the most of me! She giggled to herself and thought she would see if he could live up to his claims Dominatus: Well lets start by getting to know one another, you can call me Sir, and Sir wants to know your name and what you are wearing Megan laughed out load at this straight forward demand, but decided

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