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#201603 - I thought I would be allowed to walk the 20 meters to the water alone, but Mark, Jim and a couple of other guys followed, with a slightly red face, I said I needed to pee, indicating for them to leave me, It was then that Jim pulled me by the arm, as he lay down near the water, I was now standing over him, he smiled saying to pee over him please. They live some 45 minutes away from us, near our favourite nude beach, so Grant could come down and stay with me, when we went swimming, I grabbed my gear, and headed off, arriving mid afternoon, I spent time with them before going out for dinner, and then driving them to the airport, later in the evening. they both eased back, my body now free, I swung around, spilling cum all over the guy below me, then going down kissing and licking it up.

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Tadashi yamaguchi
This just turned me into more of a cuck