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#251183 - I had deliberately picked particular park that we would meet at, as it was a very run down and unkempt park, that hardly anyone that ever used, Something inside me told me that Stevie was as interested in me the same way as I was him, I cant explain it but I just knew, 3 wanks I had to Stevie that night before I managed to drift off to sleep. That night I sent Stevie a friends request, and to my delight he was online and accepted it, I sent him a private message apologising for my conduct during the game, but used the excuse that my manager had told me to mark him tightly as he was a threat, he messaged back that he had no problem with it, and that it was all part of the game, we bounced back a few private messages, then I asked if he fancied chatting on MSN, he said he would and we exchanged user names and went directly on to live chat.

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She loves it too
Seiri fukiyose
The force is strong with this one
Is he playing csgo stretched