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#302648 - We took turns with each one, letting them fuck us in any hole, Pauline more than once with a guy in each hole, was going well. I nodded to Lee, and indicated if he wanted me to fuck him, he nodded yes, so I moved behind him, my cock ready. He stayed knotted for 10 minutes or so, while Carol was being fucked by several guys, when Jerry pulled away, I quickly put my hand over my butt, then moved so I was over Carol, Lee looked at me, with a kind of are you really going to do that smile, then I moved my hand, Carol's face dispeared under a thick layer of doggy cum, Lee moved and kissed her, it looked great this lovely lady totally covered in dig cum as Lee began to lick her face clean, Pauline then joined in, moving over carol, she opened her pussy and butt, spilling a few loads of fresh human cum over her face too, Carol laughed saying what a kinky lot we were, I said the days only just began too, all three of us spent some time kissing her face and body.

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