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#362387 - “so shall we go eat?” I said They agreed so we made our way to the kitchen I making inane chatter with Jim as Elizabeth went ahead with my wife as I talked to Jim I had my eyes glued to his wife’s ass the yoga pants were so tight I could make out the shape of every inch of her ass, we sat down at the dining room table me opposite Elizabeth and Jim opposite my wife, as we ate we talked about our lives and Elizabeth thanked my wife for sending me over mentioning that we had a long talk and I had shown her a full body training exercise that had penetrated her to her core as she said that she looked at me sexily. “mmm, I would love if you let me work on some of your wood Steve, but won’t me working your wood make too much noise? “ said Elizabeth “oh yeah no problem after dinner I’ll show you, I’ll give you a big piece of wood to have fun with, and don’t worry about the noise I sound proofed the garage so that Janice won’t hear my woodwork” I said fully recognizing the innuendo. As w

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