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#27053 - These two young men, as the airliner climbed to cruising altitude had been talking endlessly as the one on my right kept leaning over almost on top of me as the other pointed out landmarks of long island and places along the shore line of Connecticut. But I had wanted him to! No one except my father had ever paddled my bottom or done anything like this! For me this is all it took, as the look on his face told me I had better! His verbal threat followed by this harsh act left me stunned and in only moments I was naked and helplessly on my knees next to her! At about this time her other black master hearing all of the commotion had come to investigate? OMG! He was everything the other black master was not! A big ugly bald headed man bare chested musclebound sporting tattoos and several gold teeth! He had a very nasty look in his eyes that made me shudder, and the other man that had slapped me look so much more appealing! With no hesitation or warning what so ever he unzipped his pant

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