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#234642 - Tightening his grip, teasing the tip of his cock with his gripped fist, he pumped faster and faster, shuffling towards me and cumming again all over my gaping cunt and mound, this time rubbing the tip of his cock through the strands of cum, spreading it all over my splayed lips. Slowly I lifted off him inch by inch until barely the tip was inside me, then just as slowly I slid back down, I continued this several times, his legs trembling, him whimpering at my teasing. At one point he reached under my arm to hold a ruler to draw a correct line on a triangle and his forearm rested against one of my tits, against the nipple, the material was so thin I could feel the heat of his skin and of course my nipple puckered tightly as he seemed to roll his arm, as he purposely manoeuvred the ruler around.

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