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#5519 - When they entered the club a man handed each of them a set of tags, Clip one to your clit and place the other in the bowl on the table The man said, What is this for? Yuko asked as she clipped the tag #266 to her clit like the man told her and Xandra did the same with tag #267, You will find out soon Xandra said as they passed the bowl and dropped the remaining tag into it. When Xandra was done her spit was lifted from the machine and moved to a fire pit where Yuko could see her jerking on the spit trying to get away from the fire as it licked her skin and started to heat her up, Reluctantly and not wanting to end up as club property like Xandra had said she approached the man on the stage, Hello sir, My name is Yuko Number 266, I want to volunteer She said and the man smiled, We have a volunteer The man called out as the same large men who tied Xandra came over and grabbed Yuko's arms forcing them behind her back and tied them tight, Yuko being smaller then Xandra n

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