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#242870 - Our night so far had been very un-eventful so we stopped at the convenience store for a drink and to check on the store clerk, we begin talking to the store clerk (who was a young mid 20’s guy) and looking at the porn magazines, we decided we wanted to buy one and check it out further in the car later so I bought one of the magazines and we went back to our riding around checking out businesses in town. A thought crossed my mind as to weather he was telling the truth and how I could find out so about 2 am I decided it was time to put my plan in action and start trying to actually see this monster in his jeans. He started up a conversation that caught me off guard, he ask me had I ever done any thing with a guy, I quickly answered no, have you, he said no but would like to have a guy suck his dick just to see what it was like how good or bad it felt.

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Such a great little slut
Can t even beat anymore porn is boring now
Alexander yamato
So hot omg
Run elsie jewelria
I agree the first was stunning what she her name the last two i need to know their names