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#378502 - In a moment of pure clarity Lace knew she was going to cum without so much as touching her cock, a feat she’d never achieved, despite innumerable attempts, “A-ah, Zu’gar, I’m going to cum, I want you to cum too! Inside me! Ah-ah, oh fuck! Sugar that’s amazing, your cock feels so fucking good in my ass!!” Zu’gar or, apparently, Sugar, growled out an appreciation, her voice husky and deep as she panted too, her balls churning with the need for release, “Yesss you little human whore, ride my Orc cock! Make me cum in your slut ass!” Lace squeezed down tight on Zu’gar’s cock, so glad at herself for allowing the Orc to speak, she’d only wished she’s started the dirty talk sooner as the Orcs words sent her quickly over the edge, “A-ah! Sugar! I’m cumming!! Oh fuuuuuck!!” she cried loudly, grinding her ass down on Zu’gar’s cock as her own spasmed and twitched in the open air. A couple of times the carts had gotten stuck but, having a strong Orc ‘slave’ on hand to pull them free had made the

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