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#332652 - It was hot So after my wife had a shower and i put everything back in place I asked her what went thru her mind to allow a dog to fuck her, she just said to me that she can't let a male suffer from sexual tension whether it's a human or animal, but she did say that she would like to make Kong a regular fuck for her if i don't mind, I said thats fine but i must be there to watch overtime……. We were sitting at home on this particular night and a thunderstorm was in full swing outside so we had to bring Kong inside with our girl who was in season, Well Kong was excited as a dog could be but he had never had sex and obviously he was horny as , he was howling, pacing back and forth trying to get to our female Labrador,,,, after about 3 hours of this howling and whining and yelling at him, my wife got up and went of to the bedroom to shower and go to bed, I thought thats great i have to listen to this dog by myself, About 10mins later with Kong still trying to get to my

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Any hentai of them sucking dick
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