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#193500 - THE NEXT DAY The next day was a hard day for me hardly sleeping thinking about my mum and sister i came home form school as usual and ran upstairs to put a pair off knickers on my mum was still at work and my sister was on her way home from her school and i knew she wanted to see me in knickers i dont know why but i was horny thinking about it. i stopped it all i cuddled her she turned toward me i said our secret your mine know and we will do it again She just fell smiling I knew from then she was mine It was not long till my mum would be home and now i had to hope sis would not say anything i knew if she didnt that it would be happening again i waited in my bedroom and after a while i heard my mum come in as usual we both went down to greet her i looked at sis and she smiled at me and i knew then i was going to be ok a sigh of relief went through my body Mum was shattered she had one off them days at work, she works at a customer services desk for a supermarket and

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