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#94364 - So I sit down on the kerb and just chill out and wait, after a couple of minutes you come out the house Fuckin hell I stare at you, you look amazing in your leather jeans and a Plunging black vest top that shows off your breasts you've got a new hairstyle and look stunning, My cock jumps to attention you smile and we cuddle one another and have a quick Snog. you love the feeling of spunk inside you as it oozes out slowly you insert a finger inside again to let me see that spunk grabbing my camera from the bike I start to take picture of you lying there wanking your pussy. We find somewhere secluded and park the bike's its nearly 13:30 and the heat is unbearable with the leathers on so we both take off our jackets and lie sit down on them to eat.

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Hayato kongouji
I want him to cum in all of my holes
Leorio paladiknight
Your forms haunt me