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#234285 - then slowly she seemed to come back to just in time to start crying out: OOOhhhhhhh sssommeeethingsssss ttttryinnnng tttoooo gggooo innn meeee!!! As I began to hear that all to familiar sound of what a knot makes as it's trying to gain entry into a womans pussy. Well thank the old man upstairs that , that, subject finally got dropped and she then said; So has your no account ass found a woman into that shit yet? I wanted so damn badly to say hell yeah two of your daughters have! But there is not one amount of alcohol that could ever get me to say a word in the context of the real world and sure i've written stories about things and encounters yes but to talk to someone let alone sit there and tell a Mom that i've helped her daughters get their brains fucked out by their pets!! Oh hell no!! I could tell by the way she was acting that something in this matter was truly disturbing her to hell and back and it wasn't just the daughter thin

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