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#6437 - was now very hard and sticking straight up, well over his formerly flaccid 14 inches! Sybil was shocked by the feeling it gave her and the size of it fully hard and erect! The look on his face was of indecision? But she was certain that her virginity was about to be lost, and was now more than ever, almost happy to oblige, with this old black man that seemed to love and appreciate her more than anyone ever had! She was ready,or in child like innocence thought so, but was he? The look on his face showed the concern of a father who's young daughter was in love with an older man he did not approve of, and an experienced one that had a reputation for brutally deflowering innocent young daughters like her! With Sybil still standing, and Tom going on to explain that he was a man that had deflowered numerous young women both black and white and that once they had been used by him as man that possessed a super human cock like his! These women were ruined for “life”, as few other

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