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#5576 - June left and Daniel asked me if he could jump in for a shower, ye sure on you go, after about ten minutes he cam back with just a towel around him, he said he;d forgotten to pack a gown, ok i said il find you something, i got up and told him, this is all i can see, it was one of junes silky gowns, pffft he said i'm not wearing that, we laughed and i said listen if mines is in the wash i wear it so it's good enough for me its good enough for you, he was in fits of laughter at this, and took the gown,it was short blue satin gown with short sleeves, and to be honest when i wear it, i enjoy the feel, hows that i asked, ye its fine, he was rubbing the sleeve and comented that it was quite smooth, ye it is, nd very short, he sat on the couch, i was on my chair, he was a thin lad but i have never noticed before now how long his legs were, now wether this was, because of the silk gown or not i dont know, but he seemed to look quite feminine and hot, fuck i thought slap yournself man

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