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#262710 - And you wear it so beautifully, too. FBS says - awww thank you daddy *giggles* LK says - Why don't you come over here and tell Daddy if you've been a good girl or a bad girl? FBS says - *struts over and sits next to daddy* I've been a good girl daddy LK says - Oh? Well I suppose you deserve a treat then, don't you baby-girl? Something special, just for you? FBS says - *giggles* Yes daddy LK says - Why don't you lean in real close - don't be shy, Daddy only bites when asked - and whisper with those sweet, full lips just what it is Daddy can do for his sweet, sweet boigirl? FBS says - *leans in smiling* Can daddy please fuck my lil brains out? LK says - It would be Daddy's pleasure to make your toes curl and your brain explode, sweetie. Take it all, baby.

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Vincent brooks
Top tits
Presea combatir
This is how more porn should be where the girl is respected and treated like a human being