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#92341 - Drake feverishly worked her hardon in and out of his mouth until almost without warning, Monica's cock spasmed and filled his mouth with a load of life giving cum to her cock sucker boss!!! Flopping back into the chair with cum dribbling out of his mouth, he just sat and stared at the still semi hard penis that hung just a few feet away from him and she said, You just love mama's fucking cock, don't you baby!?! Oh, yes, he sighed while nonchalantly fisting his own hard piece of meat, you've got the biggest cock I've ever sucked on!!! You know what comes next, don't you, she asked softly?!? Y-you're gonna fuck my asshole aren't you, he said almost groaning in anticipation!?! That's right, little boy, she said quickly, now get up and bend over your chair and show me your asshole!!! Quickly complied with her request, Monica moved up behind him and pressed the big head of her pecker against his straining rectum, and said, Mama

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Sakura kagamihara
Barely touched her tits like eating your fries and throwing out the burger
Louise francoise le blanc de la valliere
I would love to have this cock in my throat