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#322234 - Miss Gray, Ellyn asks, may I speak with you for a moment!?! Of course, dear, she replied, how may I help you!?! After waiting a few moments for the room to clear, Ellyn whispers, I just wanted you to know that last night was the most wonderful night of my life, and well uh, I just wanted you to know that, that's all!!! With a small smile creeping over her face, Miss Gray replied, It was nice for me too, dear, but I think you have something else on your mind don't you!?! Now looking a little flustered Ellyn stammered, Well you see, while I was with you I felt more alive than I ever have in my life, but there's just one thing that seems a little strange and I can't quite put my finger on it!!! What do you think it is, Miss Gray asked gently?!? Uh, you see, I felt different than I thought I would, Ellyn continued slowly, I felt the need to, oh I don't know quite how to describe it!!! I think I know what you mean, Ellyn, Miss Gray offered, yo

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