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#12546 - Duct tape is stuck over my eyes, and my wrists are also duct taped behind my back, and one more small sadistic detail is left to do again? Naked and unable to see he is apparently down on his knees and has pushed my thighs apart that has opened me up wide, my abused clit is swollen and throbbing when he takes another green leafy nettle and first sticks it up inside my cum filled pussy then works it back and forth several times, and again squeezes the green juicy leaf harshly around my swollen clitoral flesh grinding it in with sadistic force, I cannot believe what is happening, as he jerks me up and starts pulling me by the leash back out of the run down building and along the trail, it seems farther than before as the prickly nettles start to do their thing! The sensation of wanting has started to return even in the deep depths of my well used vaginal tunnel, and with the green leaf abuse of my clitoris,. as I did not want this incredible touch and feeling to end! In only moments

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