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#224550 - Whilst Grant was empting his balls in my ass later I remembered the envelope, so pulling it out of my toy bag. Some 4 or 5 guys now unloaded cum into me, before I told them to try water sports over me, this time I wasn't allowed up, they all just stood over me pissing on my body and face, washing of the horse cum I drank some replenishing my body with fluid, just as another horse was led up and started to fuck my abused ass. I had to help him, pulling my ass cheeks apart his knot found my hole, and an extra 4 inches of cock went up deeper inside my body, I love the orgasm I have with him, each one bigger then before as we get into our own sex filled world, then all too soon, his cum flooded my bowels, gallons raced up, the heat was extreme he growled letting the guys know I was his bitch once more, no sooner had his knot pulled out, then several guys used my ass to dump more cum into, not sure if they could touch the sides after him, my hole stays open for awhile when his kno

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