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#175314 - trying to be quiet to not wake you yankees2girl: im a little tipsy but not too wasted fucinhigh08: as you walk by the living room i yell try walking quieter next time i say sitting on the couch still drinking yankees2girl: i curse to myself hi dad i say rolling my eyes as i see you drinking again fucinhigh08: “where the fuck have you been i say staring at you standing in the doorway yankees2girl: “i was at haleys, we were studying for the big test tomorrow fucinhigh08: “bull shit” i say swiging my last sip and standing up walking towards you you were out being a little whore weren’t you?” fucinhigh08: “im sick of you coming in late smelling like cock and booze” yankees2girl: “fuck you i say storming down the hall fucinhigh08: i walk after you don’t you walk away from me you little bitch im your father” yankees2girl: what the fuck does that matter, your drunk as fuck and im tired, im going to bed fucinhigh08: i walk up behind you and grab your arm

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