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#190015 - I got up and asked where the restroom was, I was pointed below deck, I went down and found what I was looking for, I did my business and was leaving when I bumped in to Emod, he looked right at my tis and reached up taking one in his hand holding it he licked my nipple then sucked it into his mouth, he sucked hard on it, one then the other, until they were hard as a rock, Emod moved behind me pawing at my tits and pinching my nipples he pushed me to one of the cabins, once inside he bent me over the bed, he pulled my bikini bottoms down and spared my ass cheeks apart he started to lick my pussy from behind the my ass hole until I was really wet, he them stood up and dropped his shorts his cock was good sized about 9 inches and thick, he pushed the head of it into my cunt, grabbed my hips and pulled me back as he was pushing deep in my pussy, in one move he was deep in me and started fucking me hard Emod kept pounding into me harder and harder, his thumb pushed into my ass hole, he sai

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