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#242449 - The lay-by was quite long, a couple of lorries were parked up and about six cars were scattered along the roadway, every so often l could see pathways leading into a wooded area, l told my wife we were going for a walk and got from the car to disappear up one of the pathways, we sat on a fallen tree it was about 5 minutes before the first bloke appeared, he sat next to Trudy and began telling us about the lay-by as we chatted he put his hand onto my wife’s leg then looked at me, l didn’t say anything but just watched his hand disappear under her skirt. I watched him impale Trudy on his shaft, she let out a loud ‘oh god’ and that was the last sound she made because the bloke playing with her tits held her head and shoved his thick cock into her mouth and began fucking her throat, while the bloke with his cock wedged in her pussy fucked my wife, the third bloke rested Trudy’s hand onto his cock, she automatically grasped him and started wanking the guy. As for the Saturday invite that

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