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#366180 - These were not the perky, perfect tits of a nineteen year old, they were ripe, full, womanly breasts, that, as beautiful as they were to look at, had also nourished two babies in their time, and somehow, that knowledge made me even more excited. Lauren put her hands around my waist, linking them at the back, resting her pelvis against me, and said, “A girl appreciates it when a man takes his time,” then she smiled her ironic, mischievous smile again, and with a little tilt of her head, added, “Are you going to undress me, or do I have to do it myself?” I put my hands on Lauren’s shoulders, and gently pushed back, so she lost her balance, and fell back onto her bed. ” “He’s the one whose losing out,” I said, and Lauren looked up at me, “Look at you,” I said, gesturing towards her with my arms, “Any guy who’d rather spend his life pouring booze down his throat than be with someone like you needs his head examined.

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Hikaru hoshihara
They are flat
Kaguya luna
I remember when i had to buy a magazine to look at porn now we got fucking 60 frames per sec jesus what will porn be in 10 years
Yep 10 10