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#194439 - so me and Harvey are still having a few problems and are still working on it all but so far so good. I walked into our bedroom and got dressed and ready for the day, once I was ready I brushed my teeth and did my hair after I walked into the living room and said to Harvey I will be taking Edvard to my moms and dads house baby Harvey without looking at me keeping his eyes on the TV said okay babe I took Edvard out of his play pen and said come on sweetheart lets go and see grandma. when we got to the Spencer estate I walked in and said hello to my mom and dad and my ladies maid took Edvard from me my mom walked up to me and gave me a hug and said you don't look to good son I gave a faint smile and said im fine mom just me and Harvey stuff you know how it is (ive been coming back and thought to my mom and dad for advice on how to reconnect to Harvey) my mom said you got to give it time son think about how you would feel if he gave up his right to Edvard, Harvey left

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I also want such a secretary
Karin kanzuki
Do it faggot
Cure rosetta
I like how she doesnt seem to enjoy it looks more like pain than pleasure