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#197619 - She was depressed but he didn’t leave her side, he tried to get her back into prime condition for the trials but she missed her chance, she was in her prime when the trials had happened and she missed her chance, but when he and her happened it happened somehow she was younger and vulnerable and he was older and fairly handsome, and it somehow happened one night during a ice storm, by the fire place, a fairly cheesy place. Her routine continued along as normal, same clients, all the while she was thinking of her blonde coach, longing for his touch; until one day she received a request for room 256. The one room where the hotel gave to him exclusively and cunt twitched in excitement for the night ahead… Hey thanks for reading, sorry about the long intro I plan on writing more about Ella and her life, and how she lost her virginity, how she got into this kind of work, and of course more adventures for Ella and room 256.

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