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#166323 - What the parasites didn’t know was that the woman was ovulating and what they had just eaten were two of her egg cells Now the parasites who were in the ovum to establish a new parasite farm had a good source of nutrients, they would just have to wait until the woman released more orbs to eat them, the parasites loved eating, but could adjust their bodies to spend weeks or even months without eating, the worm inside the woman’s brain started releasing dopamine to maker horny, that way her pussy could squirt much more and give food to the parasites who were outside More and more parasites surrounded her body and started inhabiting her belly button, it was full of bacteria and it could protect them from the cold others preferred to live around her bushy pubic area, this part of her body was quite humid and full of mud, here they could live and reproduce without any problem and some parasites in the boobs started biting it to produce a reaction on them so the woman could release her m

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