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#192958 - I slid my finger down from her pussy and started to softly rub her asshole, she gasped and I knew I had complete control of her “Who is daddys good slut” I whispered in a low deep growl in her ear, I felt her tensing up and I heard her whisper “meeee I am daddys little slut… please. Now I’m not getting any ass tonight…” I sighed loudly in frustration and was about to walk to the door when I felt my phone vibrate and jingle, I checked it and there was a message from her and it said “don’t worry, told them to go, they just wanted to follow me home and give me a present :D” that made me smirk and I knew sex was back on the table for tonight. I groaned as I felt myself getting closer to filling her ass with warm cum, she knew I was getting close because she started to grind her hips and push harder back against me, she looked back with a smirk and I grinned back at her.

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