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#282083 - We were in this position for about an hour, a slow pace had taken over and the room was hot and damp from our sweat, I re-inserted 2 of my fingers in Claire’s ass and pushed them in and out whilst I pushed my tongue as far in her pussy as it could go, I then pushed Anna up and down with my cock still in her ass. Realizing that we were all naked and some of us shouldn’t be in the room we hid under the covers, I heard the door open and a woman’s voice say “have fun girls……and you too boys” I slowly poked my head from under the blanket to see there were 3 people standing in the doorway……. Claire got up and said it was her turn, so I lay on my back and she sat on my cock, then David opened her legs and stuffed his cock up her cunt, we fucked her hard and fast for 20 minutes, I came in her ass and David came in her pussy before she came, she got up and kneeled in front of me, sucking the taste of her ass and my cum from my cock whilst David cleaned her pussy with his tongue.

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Kyouko takizawa
It was pretty nice but i dont really like when u can hear the guy more than the gal
Sharo kirima
Just lol