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#163728 - this can’t be happening what am I supposed to tell my friends when they see this!” The huge load of cum was trapped in her womb mainly because of her very tight cervix as it closed back up immediately after he pulled out keeping his seed secured in her fertile womb with her egg still being attacked by trillions of k9 sperm cells as they were determined to fertilize! Each sperm cell begging attacked by her immune system and her eggs defensive barrier it was a losing fight as the sperm out numbered them one million to 1! Eventually on sperm got through as it connected to her egg pushing inside as the rest of them sperm still try to attack! The egg slowly started to process the DNA as it was confused as there was something different! It wasn’t her species as it continued trying to match up the chromosomes it somehow was connecting as continuing with the cell division slowly connecting to the uterus wall for nutrients as it still continued to grow and develop! What was happening it zygot

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