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#98624 - Lyn must have seen, and handed me the poppers, as I sniffed them her fist worked its way in my ass, Lou watched in awe, her arm half way in, and my orgasm shooting though my body let them know it was good, I still had Lou's cock in my mouth, he was hard as rock now, Gretchen watching her guy being sucked by me, I told her to sit on his face and feed him the cum from her ass and pussy, as she did I got Lyn to pull her fist out, and then quickly sat on Lou's cock, it went right in first push, as I rode him, I felt him being to fuck up into me. Tonight the girls suggested we swap partners again, so Gretchen grabbed my hand and Sue took Lou's hand, Lyn went with Rick, but I still headed for the caravan before Lyn got there, Gretchen happy to talk for awhile while she played with my cock, my fingers working her clit kept her horny too. I emptied my bladder and set up the hose, then set about cleaning my ass out, not as easy as at home, but it worked, tucking the hose away I headed bac

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