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#173982 - I asked her to come with me and she didn’t refuse and I asked her to enter to any empty room in the rest room and she did with a big desire to be fucked , after she found nobody there she knocked the door then I followed her and closed the door At last I am with this pretty woman alone , I couldn’t believe my eyes that I was touching her warm body again she was wearing an orange blouse and blue skirt. I came inside the room then she told me it was not her room but her mother room i laid in the bed and she laid by me ,, i could not believe my eyes that i am with her under one ceiling i started touching her again and listening her throttled sighs her sighs started getting loudly when i touched her erected nipples then she went off i could at last having this sexy woman , from these small dense breast to that shaved cunt my lips never stopped untill i could drinking her juice ,, i sat on the chair and she rode me and she said ( you were telling me that i am knight and you are my hor

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