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#109371 - How detention with my gym teacher turned into the best thing in my life I was 17 when I was in middle school almost done with my studies for electrician we had to do 2 hours of  gym each week but nobody would miss that class my class was blessed to get gym from miss foster the hottest teacher in our school and she would always show that she is wearing short sport shorts a white shirt with a back bra that even a blind guy would see she always showed off her nice D cups and tight little ass she was the gym teacher so she was always in good shape for a 22 year old . After the first kiss she wanted more soon we where making out I couldn't believe it I was making out with the hottest teacher in school while I played with her tits and she stroked my cock ! After a few minutes of making out with her loving her cherry flavored lips I broke the kiss you can taste it if you like I said smiling she didn't think and fell on her knees slowly kissing and Licking the tip looking

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Kyosuke kasuga
Like always who has the whole hentai
I have step daughters i would fuck
Rei ayanami
Great husband only a dream