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#117451 - No sir, Mr Townley said, But it was on the deceased body when it was found on the pavement sir. My Apologies the Judge said, Mr Allthwaite, this sham trial must have been a particularly unpleasant time for you, I order that your costs be met from the public purse and that compensation in the amount of ten thousand pounds be paid to your personal account and a further ten thousand to the Allthwaite foundation for the eradication of Pedophillia and Pedophiles, and that you leave the court with no stain on your character. You got five minutes, I told her and I set to getting the lights set up around the bed, sorting out the baby doll night dress in its pink Teddy bear cover and the furry handcuffs and big pink dildo I thought we could try on her when I'd fucked her sweet virgin pussy and loosened her up.

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The beauty of being multitasking
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I love that