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#291502 - As soon I pulled out of Ashleigh, Grace took my place and cleaned her out, making Ashleigh cum 4 more times “FUCK THAT WAS FUCKING FANTASTIC” Ashleigh panted “I told you cock is good” grace said, allowing Ashleigh to lick some of my cum from her fingers “You must have enjoyed it, this is the first time I’ve seen Mark spent” “Why don’t we go and clean up in the shower?” Ashleigh suggested “YEAH, You coming Mark?” “You go and have fun, I’ll wait here” I replied, I was totally exhausted “OK, Your loss, let’s go, slut” Ashleigh said, pulling Grace off the bed. “You know how to pick strap-ons, cuz” Grace said helping Ash put it on “This one vibrates, AND rotates, the clit attachment will work well on your balls” Are you sure he’s only done this once? Ash asked, He seems to know a lot about dildos.

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