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#168986 - ficticious story of uncle bill and nephew daniel. I got up and rummaged junes underwear, i returned with a pair of bright pink satin ones which she got from e bay, very sexy as they hd little frills along all the edges i knelt down and held them open for dan to slip into, he lifted one lg the the other and i pulled them up very slowly and delibertely to his thighs, i stopped and said you better do the rest, no its cool bill, you do it, i could feel my cock getting hard, as i reached his groin,lifting the gown as i did so i could clearly see his cock was hard, wow dan, i take it you like this movie, ye he said but i like this better, pointing to his new attire,i was busy pulling his knickers up, that i hadn't noticed my own cock sticking out from my dressing gown, ermm bill said dan what i replied, i think you got a biggy there, i looked down and just laughed, oh well no wonder i said, me and you watching a porno, with you in sexy lingerie. (be nice to me please lol) My wife

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