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#381061 - I used to sit in the local park bench next to all the other no-gooders in the summer our numbers could swell to 30 this including the older alkies and addicts in there 30's 40's 50's 60's etc it could get quite crazy some days and the police were never far away. She had on big gold hoop earings a white belly top that displayed her firm young ample breasts, nice little bit of cleavage a frayed white denim mini skirt which came up to mid thigh and of black patent slingback open toed sandals with a 4 heel her toenails were painted bright red she also had on false red nails green eyeshadow to much foundation and false eyelashes massacre black eyeliner and bright red lipstick she looked sexy it was summer time so her look didn't look that out of place as if it was the middle of winter unless she was going clubbing she would having looked bordering on a street whore. We ranged in ages from teen to early 20's me being the oldest as stated previously at 27 .

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Hokuto hidaka
Omg lol
Ran mitake
It s literally perfect