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#358648 - The man is talking but because of the earplugs Cindy can't hear what he's saying but she assumes he's insulting her. Several days later Cindy receives a package in the mail and when she opens it she finds a portable dvd player with a dvd already inside, playing the dvd she sees the same studio she was in, then the scene shifts to 2 masked men talking to her father. One of the masked men says the hidden cams are all off right now, we can turn them on using a laptop inside the van the other masked man says we won't be inside the studio but were going to be very close and as soon as we see the man enter the studio we'll turn the hidden cams on then he says we know that he'll be wearing his mask even before he enters the studio so remember to keep your mask on even after he finishes fucking you and leaves the studio, we don't want to see your face on this video .

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