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#343455 - D saved her legs and then her pussy leaving just a little strip above her pussy, She looked hot as hell. He has been asking me for weeks to try to get you to fuck him will you? D said i don't know i fancy him but he is your husband, yes he's mine but i am giving you permission to fuck him tonight so do you want to? Yes i do D answered with this Jo leaned in and they started kissing and jo was now feeling D's tits and moved her hand down her body to her pussy rubbing it over her knickers and she could feel how wet they were saying you are turned aren't you? D moved her hand to Jo's knickers and hers were as wet as D's so is someone else D said. Phil was picking up the pace now and D was moaning really loudly now and Jo was fingering herself hard and fast using three fingers while her other hand was rubbing her clit she was really turned on now and wanted her turn on her husbands big cock saying to Phil my turn now as he pulled out of D she let out

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