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#308786 - Yes, all right, she said, I think I have had enough Piggy Play to last a lifetime! I led her to the dining room, where I didn't take long to get the piggy things off her, the hood first and then the corset and the boots but when I undid her arm bindings and she tried to straighten her arms she was in agony and I had to massage her for ages before she could bear me to unstrap her knees and then I had to help her massage her legs to get the circulation going. It found a nice warm place to sleep after it was hosed off, G accomodation block, I heard a commotion as I did my evening rounds and looked in, Ten-Shun Corporal Turner bellowed when he saw me.

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Joey wheeler
Ugh he s perfect
Sousuke sagara
This is as hot as the lasagna i just cocked