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#25947 - i slip one of my high heels off and run my stocking clad foot up the inside of your leg, you look up from the menu and into my eyes well i know what i fancy eating tonight you say suggestively naughty boy, lets have dinner first, i have a surprise for you tonight i reply oh really? your eyes light up as your mind rushes to think about what the surprise could be. you quickly pull the pillow from your face and reach up to me, pulling me down into a loving hug and stroking my hair oh my god are you ok? why did you do that? i thought you were saving yourself? you fired questions at me as you tried to focus on the fact that your cock was buried balls deep inside my previously untouched pussy i'm ok honey, i knew it would hurt but i guess i wasn't quite ready, and i was saving myself, until it felt right, and tonight felt right, and i love you, i wanted to give myself to you, we've been dong nothing but oral for so long i felt like you deserved it for patiently

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Utena tenjou
Have fuck with me please
Raine sage
Mhmm do it slow take your time
Haruka amami
That bitch looks like a nack nack