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#319000 - How do you want me Kneel down. I wondered what to do; cuddle up and go to sleep with her or wake her and start again, I decided on the former, dimmed the lights, lay down next to her and cuddled up. I realised I had stopped thrusting into her and resumed my rhythm, sliding the finger deeper into her arse, she was moaning gently the sound muffled by the sheets, without warning she grabbed my ankles and I felt her vagina spasm around my prick, she pushed herself up until her arms were locked, causing my finger to bury itself deep in her arse, her back arched, she tossed her head back and groaned, another spasm clenched my prick, I continued fucking her arse with my finger pushing it against my penis as much as I could, after a moment her head fell forward, and she looked at me and smiled It's your turn.

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