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#331494 - She is a tall strawberry blond, 5 foot 10”, beautiful blue eyes, that would melt any mans heart and make it drool from his dick! She has a pale complexion, perfect 36c tits, with small pink areolas, and the most perfect little nipples that poke out when excited! Karen has a flat stomach that leads down to her nicely trimmed light orange bush, soft in texture. I pushed slightly and felt just the head enter, I waited for a few to allow her time to accept the invader and to stretch around my cock. I shoved my tongue as far as it would go into that sweet pussy; I curled it around her sensitive clit, and tickled her G-Spot with the tip of my tongue, she went wild, bucking and twitching, her pussy clamped on my tongue like a vise! She screamed out a war call, saying, “ YES! Lap my cunt you fucker.

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